Founded in 2017, PLAYDAY set out to accomplish three goals: expose children to innovative creative education, provide an art-focused after school program, and attract the best professional educators to be positive creative role models for young children.

At PLAYDAY children are exposed to their own creativity all while focusing on embracing diversity, building confidence, and developing an awareness of self.

PLAYDAY offers parents flexible solutions to immerse their children in artistic exploration. Learning new skills and ways to express yourself at a young age boosts confidence and inspiration, setting children up with a skillset that will serve them well throughout their life. 

With their peers, children will participate in indoor and outdoor projects that promote focus, patience, process, forgiveness, sharing, accomplishment, dynamic problem solving, and aesthetics.

Dedicated to providing an inclusive, diverse, and respectful learning environment, PLAYDAY's accredited staff members will guide children through their creative journey, sharing tidbits of artistic passion and art history along the way. 

HAVE FUN | BE AWESOME is our motto!!

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PLAYDAY's team of instructors are highly trained arts educators with a passion for guiding children and watching them explore their creative impulses. Their extensive knowledge allows them to seamlessly weave relevant art history and social references into each activity. They are constantly working to improve and expand PLAYDAY’s class offerings to provide the most engaging experiences for children. 


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We are looking for talented, enthusiastic, professional art instructors for online and in-person creative activities. 

Boy Painter

"My son loves it here! He's always excited to go and proud of all the artwork he takes home. The instructors are awesome too. I love that each student gets their own table and space."

Coralyn R.