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PLAYDAY - Children's Creative Art Classes

Flexible booking for children’s creative enrichment through hourly ART Activities, Afterschool Programs, Camps, and Birthday Parties in Cobble Hill, Long Island City, Hoboken, Park Slope, and Upper West Side.


PLAYDAY is the place for children to experience the joy of making ART in a fun, safe, clean, supportive, and collaborative studio environment. ​ During PLAYDAY's ART Activities, After School Programs, Camps, Custom Birthday Parties, and Special Events, our super positive highly trained instructors and spacious studios give children the opportunity to discover their creative voice and have fun while they’re doing it. ​


Making new friends is the added bonus!


PLAYDAY is designed to support children's creative enrichment and imagination through enhanced cognitive development, boosted

self-confidence, and refinement of problem solving skills.



For our youngest participants, we offer Grown Up & Me ART & SENSORY activities for children ages 1-4.


For children 5+, COLOR EXPLOSION, WATER COLOR WORLD,  SCULPTURE, FIBER FRENZY, CARTOONING, LITTLE ARCHITECTS, are just a few of our meticulously designed 60-minute creative experiences!

Monday-Friday during Camp 5+ and After School 5+, children enjoy a series of activities that introduce them to ART history, reveal creative talents, and most importantly have fun with new friends and creative role model instructors. 

Our Advanced Art 10+ program is designed for the child that enjoys drawing and painting and wants to move their skills to the next level. Projects vary from figure drawing, portrait painting, still life, to creative compositions.

From regular programming to specialized workshops, you have so many opportunities to immerse your child in the world of ART. Not to mention, our very popular custom ART birthday parties. 


Our programming sits at the intersection of planning your schedule and your child's interests. 


Children 4 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Children 5+ can be dropped off.  All offerings are DROP IN space permitting.


BOOK online to ensure a spot.

Ready to check it out?

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The short answer, however you like: Hourly, Half Day, All Day, All Week, All Semester, and Unlimited Access BOOKING options are available. 

Want to buy now and BOOK later? No problem. Need to schedule around vacation plans? Sure thing. BOOK a single activity, buy a package, sign up for full day camps, or get unlimited access. However you need to fit your child's creative enrichment into your schedule, we’ll be here. 

Pro tip: Our UNLIMITED ACCESS programs are a great way to save on all offerings: choose three month or annual unlimited access, which includes access to guest appearances, advanced art workshops, and special events.

We have locations in Cobble Hill, Long Island City, Hoboken, and Park Slope with more in the pipeline.

Need additional info or just want to chat?  Contact us at your preferred location. 


Talk Soon,



Kids and parents alike rave about our instructional staff.

(Probably because we hire such awesome people).

Every PLAYDAY instructor is a highly trained artist with a passion for sharing their knowledge and diverse academic experiences with children and thus keeping your little one engaged and learning.

Our team of instructors are regularly praised for their patience, kindness, and attentiveness.

(Don’t just take our word for it, read our testimonials!).



WE LOVE ART-01.png

There are many benefits to creating art for young children. For one, it can help develop their creativity and critical thinking skills. Art often requires viewers to use their imagination and interpret the artwork in their own way, which can help children learn to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to problems.​

Additionally, creating art helps children develop their visual literacy skills. By learning to look closely at the colors, lines, shapes, and textures in a piece of art, children can learn to better understand and interpret visual information. This can also help them develop their attention to detail and ability to focus on a task for an extended period of time.​

Furthermore, creating art enlightens children to different cultures and perspectives. Art often reflects the ideas and experiences of the artist, and studying a wide range of abstract art can give children a glimpse into the diversity of human experiences and cultures.

Overall, learning about and creating art can be a fun and engaging way for children to develop a range of important skills, including creativity, critical thinking, visual literacy, and cultural awareness.


My nanny took my 3 year old to Playday on a day there was no school and my daughter came home so excited about all of the projects she created. She also told me to tell her nanny she doesn't need to come with her when they go back today since she has her own special art teacher when she is there. The projects she brought home made it clear to me that the Playday staff was able to keep my daughter's focus and attention. She was SO PROUD of her work (much higher quality than what she makes at school). And we just booked her 4th birthday party at Playday next month! Can't wait. Thank you Playday Hoboken for making my daughter's week - she went two days in a row!


Melissa Ben-Ishay



Can parents participate?

Parents are welcome to join their children in all PLAYDAY activities at no additional cost.  Children 4 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

FOOD & SNACK policy?

PLAYDAY does not offer food, candy, or snacks. Your child can bring nut-free snacks and lunch.  Filtered water is provided. 

Do you offer pickup?

We offer bus stop and school pickup within a 1-mile radius for our after school program. Please reach out to us arrange pickup for your child.

Can I cancel or reschedule?

We offer flexible rescheduling options that allow you to cancel within two hours of your class and rebook at a time that works better for you. We do not offer refunds for classes.

What safety precautions do you have in place?

Your child’s safety is our highest priority. You can read our complete health and safety policy here.

After just one class, your child will start to build up their confidence (and they’ll definitely want to come back for more!)

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