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The Top-Rated Afterschool Programs near NYC

There are so many benefits that come with kids engaging in afterschool programs. You get to know where your kid is after school, they learn how to make friendships, and they get to explore their interests.

However, this is only true if you find the right afterschool program. To stack the odds in your favor, we've prepared a list of the top-rated afterschool programs near NYC.

We've rated the programs on this list on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest score. We rated the programs based on availability, professionalism, safety, number of accessible programs, cost, convenience, among other unique features.

Here are the top picks:

Playday is a haven for kids; the program is educational and fun. Here are top features of the PLAYDAY program.

  • Convenience. If you don't have time to transfer your kid to their afterschool program venue. They do free pickups from local schools and bus stops for kids aged five and above.

  • Variety. There are a lot of programs that your kid can explore, including arts, painting, music, cartooning, clay experience, mixed media, paper play, and printmaking. You can even host your kid’s birthday party there.

  • Safety. Certified professionals manage all the activities, so your child's safety is always top of mind.

  • Personal development. In addition to having fun and learning, PLAYDAY is keen on instilling life virtues, like patience, communication, confidence, and sharing.

  • Availability. The afterschool sessions are available between 3 pm-6 pm from Monday to Friday; you can choose any hour that works for you.

  • Budget. The PLAYDAY activities range from $45 to $100 per hour, depending on the activities you want your kid to engage in.

PLAYDAY checks most of the boxes that a good afterschool program should have. It’s especially convenient if you’re not available to drop off your kid to the venue after school.

2. 92YAFTERSCHOOL (4.9/5)

92YAFTERSCHOOL has been around for a few years, so they've established a system that works for kids. The program provides a fun and structured daycare for grades K-5, five days a week.

Below are some of the features of the program:

  • Professionalism. All activities in the program are taught by talented and creative teachers from New York City.

  • Variety. The program offers many activities, including swimming, music, art, dancing, languages, and gymnastics. They also offer private prep tutoring for all subjects. The staff ensure kids are matched with the right tutors to accomplish desired results.

  • Convenience. Like PLAYDAY, 92YAFTERSHOOL offers transportation by bus or van depending on the distance. They'll even walk your child from school to their classes if it's close.

  • Budget. This is the only reason the program didn't get a 5: their program is a bit pricey. Depending on your child's programs, you may need to pay up to $700 a session. However, they do offer some scholarship programs for eligible kids.

If you can afford the 92YEARAFTERSCHOOL, you'll love everything else about it..

Math isn’t every kids favorite subject, but . MoMath makes it relatable and exciting.

Here are the best features of the program:

  • Availability. MoMath is open all year long between 10 am and 5 pm, except on major holidays and a few other listed dates.

  • Convenience. Unlike the other programs, MoMath doesn't offer any means of transportation for the kids, which is inconvenient for working parents.

  • Variety. Unfortunately, the MoMath program is mainly a math program. They do have different ways to make the subject interesting, but it's all math.

  • Professionalism. Experienced preschool experts conduct the program to help develop a strong math foundation.

Although MoMath doesn't have varied activities, it plays a very huge role in helping kids feel inspired to learn math by learning how they can use it in the real world. However, you'll have to ‌supplement it with other afterschool programs to avoid boredom.

4.SciTech Kids (4.7/5)

SciTech is a home for innovators; the program inspires curiosity among kids and challenges them to explore the world around them. Good Morning America featured some of their kids, and some even had tips to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Here are some of the best features of the program:

  • Variety. SciTech Kids offers other exciting activities besides science experiments, including tech activities and amazing birthday parties.

  • Availability. The program's classes are limited to 10 students to ensure every child gets the attention they deserve. Classes meet for at least 55 minutes every week throughout the year.

  • Professionalism. The program is taught by engineers, designers, scientists, and experts from other industries to ensure all the kid's questions are accurately answered.

  • Budget. SciTech charges $263.33 per semester and offers a 5% discount for a second kid or sibling.

  • Convenience. The program doesn't offer transportation options, and you also have to book their classes in advance since they have a limit on the number of students they enroll.

SciTech is a great program for kids who want to explore how DNA works and get deeper into scientific theories.

Kids who love cooking will really enjoy the cooking classes at the Dynamite Shop. Here, kids are taught how to cook dinner and bake.

Below are some of the best features of the program:

  • Variety. The Dynamite Shop is a cooking program, so its categories involve cooking different meals.

  • Convenience. The program is very convenient as they offer both off-line and on-site classes for their learners.

  • Professionals. Professional chefs teach classes to ensure the safety of learners. Every class has two chefs to ensure all kids feel included.

  • Budget. If you commit to the entire semester, every class is $30 (payment plan provided), and for drop-ins, a class costs $40.

  • Availability. Online classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays at 4 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm ET.

The Dynamite Shop is a safe place for kids to learn cooking and build a healthy relationship with food.

Choose the right afterschool program for your kid

Afterschool programs are very convenient and effective for kids; they keep them busy and give them a platform to explore their curiosity. Before you enroll your kid in any program, pay attention to their interests and what the program offers. This will help you choose the right afterschool program for your child.

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