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The Best After School Clubs for Kids in NYC

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Enrolling your child in an after-school club is an excellent way to encourage them to continue learning after the bell. After-school clubs boost the child's confidence and allow them to socialize and make new friendships. As a parent, you're also at ease knowing that your child is safe after school.

To ensure your child gets the maximum benefit of the after-school program, it’s essential to choose an appropriate club to enroll them in. We've simplified the process by compiling the best after-school clubs for kids in NYC and rating them based on factors like budget, convenience, availability, professionalism, and variety to make your decision easier.

Take a look.

There is so much your child can enjoy in the PLAYDAY program. They offer a safe environment, and your child will love their clubs. Here are our favorite features of the program.

  • Variety. There are many art activities your child can engage in PLAYDAY. Their program offers cartooning, color explosion, clay experience, abstract modern, drawing, painting, and mixed media, just to mention a few. Children can also host birthday parties on PLAYDAY premises and invite all their friends.

  • Availability. All the after-school programs are available from Monday to Friday between 3-6 pm. They also have special weekend activities, so you can choose the hours that work best for you. Most of their art classes run for an hour, with an after-school session that includes three back-to-back art classes.

  • Professionalism. PLAYDAY has trained instructors with a passion for guiding children and leading them as they explore their interests.

  • Budget. The price range of PLAYDAY programs starts from $35 per hour, depending on the club your child wants to join.

  • Convenience. Besides all the great features that make PLAYDAY convenient, they also arrange for pickups (from bus stops and local schools) to the venue for children aged five and older.

We thought we should include an after-school online program for children who may not be able to attend offsite programs. The only reason this program didn't get a five is that it doesn’t have an onsite location option.

Here are the features of the PRODIGY after-school program.

  • Variety. The program has a wide range of classes to choose from. They offer yoga, magic, violin, STEM, fine arts, ballet, clarinet, and many more.

  • Availability. All the classes are in an online library, so kids can access them whenever they want to, according to their schedule.

  • Professionalism. All the teachers have been experts for years in their respective fields. They're also passionate about their work, which is an added bonus.

  • Budget. This program is perfect for parents looking for a budget-friendly after-school program because all you need to pay is an annual fee of $660 to $4,500, and you might even get a discount and end up paying $198 to $900. This price depends on the program your child wants to join.

  • Convenience. This after-school program can be accessed at any time. Once you subscribe, you gain access to all of their programs. Therefore, if you have more than one child, they can benefit from the program at the same time.

The NY Kids Club is a great club that allows children to explore the world and socialize with their peers. Their activities also help boost children's confidence, sense of self, and communication abilities.

Here are some great features of the club.

  • Variety. This is probably the greatest feature of this club. Your child has an opportunity to explore sports, science, gymnastics, arts, ballet, music, history, engineering, and more.

  • Availability. The NY Kids Club activities are very flexible; your child can participate in more than two clubs in one day. They also have programs seven days a week, which is awesome because it keeps children busy all week.

  • Professionalism. Like other recommendations on our list, all the staff members in the NY Kids Club are certified in their respective fields.

  • Budget. This depends on the program your child will participate in, the frequency, age, etc. Some programs cost as low as $249, while others go as high as $14k.

  • Convenience. The program is available at all times, which makes it very convenient. They have activities that start as early as 10:45 am and others that go up to 5 pm.

Tinkergarten is a haven for your child. It's a form of digital detox, and it helps strike a balance between the time the children spend on digital devices and the time spent exploring their hobbies offline.

Here are our favorite features of the club.

  • Variety. Several lessons come with the Tinkergaten curriculum. It's based on helping kids become healthy, curious, and valuable learners. It has outdoor exercises that children simply can't resist, including playing with mud, sticks, and science experiments.

  • Availability. All live sessions are held one to three times a week. This is a bit of a setback because you might have to find other clubs to fill in for the missing days.

  • Professionalism. This is probably one of the best features of this program. The curriculum is built on a foundation of thorough research, and its leaders are certified in early education.

  • Budget. The price range of this program is $180-$400, depending on a home or in-person format.

  • Convenience. This is one of the cons of this program. Since it’s available one to three times per week, parents might have to enroll their children in other programs to cover other days of the week.

5. Mad Science 4.3/5

This club is recommended for children who are curious about science and enjoy participating in experiments.

Here are more great features of Mad Science.

  • Variety. Mad Science is a jackpot for young academics interested in STEM activities. They get to explore engineering, physics, biology, and chemistry.

  • Availability. Kids can only attend the program once a week, so you might have to enroll your child in other clubs.

  • Professionalism. All programs are taught by certified staff who are passionate about science and love to experiment.

  • Budget. The Mad Science club costs $140 for a six-week program, which is fair based on the experience your children receive.

  • Convenience. Mad Science offers tailored activities for science lovers. The only con is that the classes are only available once a week.

Sign up your toddler for the best after-school programs in NYC

When enrolling your toddler in an after-school program, it's important to ensure that it meets their needs and interests. A good after-school club helps grow your child academically and individually and allows them to explore their hobbies. If you can't find one after-school program that marks all these boxes, you can enroll them in two clubs.


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