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PLAYDAY at Hoboken Arts Festival

At PLAYDAY, we value the bond that art can create between children and their families. There is something special about painting and drawing together and why we never pass on an opportunity of an art festival.

We recently had a tabling event at the Hoboken Arts Festival and held competitions, did some doodling and scribbled art, and did other fun activities.

Here is a recap of the event.

1. Scribble art

final scribble art piece at Playday Hoboken art festival

At PLAYDAY, we believe in creating all-inclusive experiences for every age. We knew children below age two would want to join the fun activities, so the scribble art was reserved for them. We used a long piece of butcher paper, provided them with all kinds of paints, and let their imagination lead them.

Some of the art was surprisingly very neat and well done. In the beginning, the whole piece of paper was just a mess, but at the end of the day, it transformed into a masterpiece.

2. Abstract modern art

two children practicing abstract modern art during Hoboken art festival

Some children don't feel confident as artists, but that shouldn't stop them from participating in art events. We believe that art is more about self-expression than perfection. We reserved this activity for shy children just joining the art world. We let them play with the paint and go with the flow; the results were quite impressive.

3. Recreating the kid's favorite TV characters

children drawing and painting their favorite cartoons at PLAYDAY Hoboken festival

Cartooning is always a hit among children because there is a very thin line between their world and that of fictional characters, like Elsa or Spiderman. We provided children with supplies and let them draw and paint their favorite TV characters. We asked the children to explain why they love their characters; all versions were fascinating and well thought-out. It was a little peek for us (parents and educators) into the children’s way of thinking.

4. Art competition

two children showcasing their art at PLAYDAY Hoboken art festival

Some of our young artists have been looking for a platform to showcase their expertise and wanted to compete. We provided them with supplies and timed them; the results were truly amazing. Our photographer captured these two pieces, one of a cat and another of flowers and butterflies.

5. Color me

children coloring images at PLAYDAY Hoboken art festival with the help of their parents

We love coloring activities because they bring out creativity; children can decide what colors to use and how to distribute them on the canvas. We provided the children with images for this activity and asked them to color them. We got fascinating results, including this redfish, which we found very impressive.

6. Collaborative art

families engaging in a collaboration art activity at Hoboken art festival

We wanted to ensure parents could interact with their toddlers, so we included this activity. Similar to our GUM program, guardians and children took turns creating masterpieces until they were happy with their designs. The results of this exercise were a lot of giggles and fun. We always enjoy seeing families laugh and enjoy their time together.

Final recap on PLAYDAY Hoboken Art Festival

At PLAYDAY, we love to have a good time, and sharing it with our community is always a bonus. The Hoboken Art Festival was just one of the many events for our preschoolers. Besides having fun, we get to show our parents what our program offers.

If you loved our festival recap, consider checking out our Hoboken Art Programs to see all the other art activities we offer.


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