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Art-Focused Afterschool Programs in Hoboken

At PLAYDAY, an art-focused afterschool program in Hoboken, children participate in indoor and outdoor projects in an inclusive and respectful learning environment that promotes focus, patience, forgiveness, sharing, accomplishment, dynamic problem-solving, and creativity.

PLAYDAY offers various afterschool classes and workshops that teach children of all ages to express themselves creatively while embracing diversity, building confidence, and developing self-awareness.

Let’s cover some of the most popular programs at PLAYDAY.

Grown Up & Me Art

In PLAYDAY's weekly Grown Up & Me Art class, parents and guardians are invited to create art with PLAYDAY's youngest artists. PLAYDAY's Grown Up & Me Art class encourages children ages eighteen months to three years old to explore art and to develop sensory, motor, and cognitive skills by drawing, painting, and collaging.

Each class begins with Story Time, followed by hands-on art projects that bring the story to life. Class ends with clean-up and a socially distanced bubble party.

Abstract Modern

blue and white abstract art from kids art class


PLAYDAY's one-hour abstract modern class teaches children ages five and up to express themselves using shape, form, and color to create art independently without visual references. The class happens on a weekly basis.


PLAYDAY's two-hour animation workshop teaches children ages five and up how to create their own animations.


PLAYDAY's one-hour Bookmaker class teaches children ages five and up to create their own books, ranging from comic books to cookbooks. The class happens once a week.


In PLAYDAY's one-hour cartooning class, children ages five and up follow detailed instructions to create cartoon people and animals, then use their imaginations to set the cartoons in motion.

Clay Experience


In PLAYDAY's two-hour clay experience workshop, children ages five and up create handmade art using clay.

Color Explosion


In PLAYDAY's one-hour color explosion class, children ages five and up learn about color and celebrate movement by creating expressive blasts, bursts, bangs, and blowouts. The explosion class happens twice per week.

Drawing and Painting


PLAYDAY's one-hour Drawing Basics and Painting 101 classes teach children ages five and up the basics of painting and drawing. The class happens once a week.

Activities in the Painting 101 class include painting with a brush, roller, or hands, creating elaborate spin art and marble painting, and experimenting with mixed media.

Activities in the Drawing Basics class include cartooning, still life, and figure drawing.

Mixed Media

PLAYDAY's one-hour mixed media class teaches children ages five and up to use different mediums including cloth, paper, wood, and random objects to create assemblages, collages, and other works of art. This class is taught once a week.

Paper Play


PLAYDAY's one-hour paper play class teaches children ages five and up about the art of folding paper. Paper play class happens once a week.


In PLAYDAY's one-hour printmaking class, children ages five and up learn about printmaking.

Printmaking is the process of creating artworks by printing. Children use printmaking principles to create unique impressions of works of art. Printmaking class happens twice a week.


In PLAYDAY's one-hour sculpture class, children ages five and up create physical sculptures using various materials such as clay, paper, recyclables, and even twine. Sculpture class happens once a week.

Stencil Stories

In PLAYDAY's one-hour stencil stories class, children ages five and up use stencils, paint, and markers and collaborate with their classmates to create individual and group projects such as books, murals, and comics. Stencil class happens once a week.

Still Life


In PLAYDAY's one-hour still life class, children ages five and up create works of art that depict inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace natural or manufactured objects. Still Life class happens once a week.

Watercolor World


In PLAYDAY's two-hour watercolor world workshop, children ages five and up explore various watercolor techniques, including salty watercolors, watercolor resist methods, and printing.

Create A Character

In PLAYDAY's weekly one-hour Create a Character class, children ages five and up use various materials and mediums to create unique characters from all walks of life.

Fiber Frenzy

In PLAYDAY's weekly one-hour Fiber Frenzy class, children ages five and up create art using fibers like yarn.

Open Creative Hour


PLAYDAY's Open Creative Hour is a daily one-hour art class that is open to children of all ages. In this class, children get to use their imagination to create art in any form they choose.

Unlock their creative genius with art-focused programming.

PLAYDAY Hoboken’s art-focused afterschool program is a great option for your child, whether they’re novice or advanced. You are certain to find an educational and entertaining workshop your child will love.

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