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Lead Instructor

Adam K.

When I was very little I loved drawing before all else. I routinely got in trouble for drawing on the walls and drawing during class. I liked to draw everything, but mostly dinosaurs and Godzilla. I was a very imaginative child, and when I wasn't drawing I was either pretending to be a dinosaur or digging through dirt trying to find other dinosaurs. I never found any so I just drew some more.
While drawing was my first love, I also love to paint, sculpt, play a variety of instruments, write music, and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on. As such, I opted for art school and earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in 2014 before moving to Brooklyn with my girlfriend of 5 years and our 3 bunnies.

I believe everyone, especially kids, should be encouraged to be imaginative and to explore new things.

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