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Ages 5 - 12

Water Color World

Let Your Creativity Flow!

Developmental Activation: curiosity, interdisciplinary learning, self-expression

Watercolor World allows children to dive headfirst into watercolor as a medium. In this activity, children learn how watercolor is unique compared to traditional tempura or acrylic paints. Projects focus on the hydrophobic properties of watercolors and their buildable color quality. Projects include crayon resistance pictures, salty watercolors, printing, splatter and drip art, flower petal creation, abstract design, and so much more. Children get to see and appreciate the crossover between science and ART as they craft their pieces.

Each WATERCOLOR WORLD activity will include elements of the following:

Introduction to watercolor materials:
Begin by introducing the students to the basic materials they will be using in the class, including watercolor paints, brushes, and paper. Show them how to mix colors and load their brush with paint.

Color theory:
Children will learn about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, and how to mix them to create new shades and tones.

Basic brush strokes:
Children will learn how to create different brushstrokes, such as horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines, as well as circular and curved lines.

Painting techniques:
Children will learn how to create different watercolor painting techniques, such as wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry. They will learn how to create gradients and add texture to their paintings.

Themes and Variation:
Children will work on a variety of subject matter such as landscapes, still lifes, and abstract designs. Children will be encouraged to experiment with different color combinations and brushstrokes.

Throughout the class, instructors will provide children with individualized attention and guidance to help them improve their skills and create unique and beautiful watercolor paintings.

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