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Ages 5 - 12


Explore The Art of Form!

Developmental Activation: fine motor skills, observation, curiosity

Our Sculpture activities give children the opportunity to explore the ART of form. Children will learn about different sculpting materials such as clay, paper, recyclables, and twine and how to utilize them to create physical sculptures. Instructors will guide children through making animals and plants out of clay, abstract paper sculptures, representations of the human form and figure, and a wide range of other projects. The hands-on approach leaves children feeling a direct connection to their ART and a sense of pride in their execution.

Each SCULPTURE activity will include elements of the following:

Introduction to Sculpture:
Introduce children to the world of sculpture. Children will learn about the different materials that can be used to create sculptures, such as clay, metal, and wood. They will also learn about the different tools that sculptors use to create their art.

Form and Shape:
Children will learn about the basic elements of sculpture, such as form and shape. They will explore how different shapes can be combined to create interesting compositions. Children will also learn how to use the elements of sculpture to create a sense of depth and space in their artwork.

Texture and Surface:
Children will learn about the importance of texture and surface in sculpture. They will experiment with different tools and techniques to create a variety of textures on their sculptures.

Representational Sculpture:
Children will learn how to create sculptures that represent real objects or scenes. They will learn how to use their observation skills to accurately depict objects and people in their artwork.

Abstract Sculpture:
Children will learn how to create abstract sculptures. They will explore different ways of representing ideas and emotions through the use of form, shape, texture, and color.

Collaborative Sculpture:
Children will have the opportunity to work in teams to create a collaborative sculpture. This will allow them to learn how to work together and combine their individual ideas to create a unique piece of art.

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