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Ages 5 - 12


Create a Repeatable Work of Art!

Developmental Activation: curiosity, sequencing, self-expression

Printmaking gives children the opportunity to create their own reproducible print. Children will create an image on a flat surface, cover it in paint or ink, and press it onto a piece of paper or other material to create a print. Once they build their printmaking apparatus, children can use it to create the foundation for many beautiful pieces of art. Each iteration will be mostly uniform, yet graced with imperfections and a unique personality!

Each PRINTMAKING activity will include elements of the following:

Introduction to Printmaking:
Discuss the history and different types of printmaking (e.g. relief printing, intaglio printing, screen printing). Demonstrate how to create a simple relief print using a block of linoleum and a rolling pin. Have children create their own relief prints using linoleum blocks and a variety of tools (e.g. pencils, rubber stamps, forks, combs).

Color Printing:
Introduce the concept of adding color to prints using inks. Demonstrate how to mix colors and apply them to a relief print using brayers. Have children create their own colorful prints using a variety of tools (e.g. brayers, sponges, brushes).

Creating a Print Series:
Discuss the concept of creating a series of prints using the same design but with variations (e.g. different colors, different sizes, etc). Have children create a series of prints using their own designs, experimenting with different variations.

Advanced Printmaking Techniques:
Introduce more advanced printmaking techniques such as screen printing. Demonstrate how to create a screen print using a screen and a squeegee. Have children experiment with this technique to create their own prints.

Throughout the activity, encourage children to experiment and be creative with their printmaking, and to share their work. Provide a supportive and collaborative environment where children can learn from each other and develop their skills in printmaking.

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