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Ages 5 - 12



Developmental Activation: curiosity, observation, self-expression

Mixed Media combines various materials to create a captivating piece of art. Children will have access to foam, felt, paper pieces, tissue paper, sequins, feathers, puffballs, construction paper, popsicle sticks, and more. As they create, children will observe how different materials interact with each other and decide which materials are best suited to their vision. Instructors will provide the framework for the project, but children will ‌let their creativity soar.

Each MIXED MEDIA activity will include elements of the following:

Introduction to mixed media art:

Explain to children what mixed media art is and show them some examples of different types of art that can be created using a mix of materials, such as paint, collage, clay, and more.

Exploring materials:

Provide the children with a variety of materials and let them experiment with different combinations and techniques to create their own mixed media art. Encourage them to try different things and have fun with their creations.

Color theory:

Introduce the children to the basics of color theory, such as primary and secondary colors, warm and cool colors, and complementary colors. Show them how to use these principles in their art to create interesting and harmonious compositions.

Texture and layering:

Show the children how to add texture and layers to their mixed media art by using different materials and techniques, such as collage, stamping, and texturing with clay or other mediums.

Drawing and composition:

Teach the children basic drawing skills and how to use them to create interesting compositions in their mixed media art. Encourage them to experiment with different perspectives and focal points in their artwork.

Reflection and critique at the end of each activity, have the children reflect on their own artwork and give each other. Constructive feedback on their creations. This will help them to develop their artistic skills and learn from each other.

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