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Ages 5 - 12

Fashion Design

Make Your Designs Runway-Ready!

Developmental Activation: precision, fine motor skills, sensory input

During Fashion Design activities, your child’s inner seamstress or tailor or clothing designer is inspired to create. Children can explore a wide range of textiles and clothing materials. Instructors will guide them to determine what fabric is best suited for their desired garment. They may choose a bedazzled mesh for a dress, denim for some cool doll shorts, a cheetah print for a bold accessory, and much more. Techniques in drawing, weaving, collaging, and styling are incorporated to create something truly runway-ready!

Each FASHION DESIGN activity will include elements of the following:

Introduction to fashion design:
Children will learn about the basics of fashion design and the different elements that go into creating a fashion design, such as color, texture, and silhouette.

Drawing fashion sketches:
Children will learn how to draw basic fashion sketches, including the use of different tools and techniques for sketching clothing and accessories.

Introduction to fabrics:
Children will learn about different types of fabrics and how they are used in fashion design.

Color theory:
Children will learn about the basics of color theory and how to use color effectively in their fashion designs.

Designing a fashion collection:
Children will learn how to create a cohesive fashion collection by combining their newfound knowledge of fashion design elements and principles.

Presenting fashion designs:
Children will learn how to present their fashion designs to others, including the use of mood boards, fabric swatches, and other visual aids.

Overall, this activity is designed to introduce young children to the exciting world of fashion design and provide them with the foundational skills and knowledge they need to create their own unique designs.

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