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Ages 5 - 12



Developmental Activation: fine motor skills, observation, self-expression

Create a Character is an opportunity to bring a favorite character to life! Children will use their imagination or reference their favorite pieces of media to design and create a character. Character Creation projects occur in a variety of mediums, ranging from colored pencil doodles, stencil sketches, and watercolor depictions to full-on models out of clay. Children also learn how to depict facial expressions, emotions, and movement in their character. These unique figures represent not only the artist but the differences in their walks of life.

Each CREATE A CHARACTER activity will include elements of the following:

Introduction to character design:

Discuss the elements that make up a character, such as physical features, personality, and backstory. Show examples of well-known characters from books, movies, and TV shows to illustrate these concepts.


Have the children think of their own ideas for a character. Encourage them to consider the character's appearance, personality, and backstory. Have the children write down their ideas or draw quick sketches to help them visualize their character.

Developing the character:

Have the children choose one of their character ideas and start to develop it further. Encourage them to think about the character's appearance in detail, including their clothing, facial expressions, and body language. Have the children draw their character in various poses to help them get a better sense of the character's personality.

Adding color:

Once the children have a solid drawing of their character, have them add color using pencils, crayons, or other art supplies. Encourage them to use a wide range of colors to create a vibrant and interesting character.

Final touches:

Have the children add any final details to their character, such as accessories or backgrounds. Encourage them to think about how these details can add to the character's story or personality.


Have the children share their finished character designs with the class. Encourage them to talk about their character's appearance, personality, and backstory to help bring the character to life.

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