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Ages 5 - 12



Developmental Activation: fine motor skills, synthesis, observation

Children get to experience the fun of mosaic with our COLLAGE CREATIONS activity. Using an assortment of paper pieces, tissue paper, construction paper, and more, children will cut and glue shapes and scraps to make a larger image. Taking inspiration from mosaics in the real world on subways walls, tiles, and famous art, children will discover how small pieces put together can create beautiful pictures. Artwork varies from a monster truck, a basket of fruit, faces, flowers, scenery, favorite book, movie characters, and so much more.

Each CUT & PASTE activity will include elements of the following:

Introduction to mosaics and collages:

Children will learn about the history and techniques of creating mosaics and collages, including the use of different materials such as glass, paper, and fabric.

Exploring color and texture:

Children will experiment with different colors and textures in their mosaics and collages, using various materials to create a range of effects.

Design principles:

Children will learn about the basic principles of design, such as balance, contrast, and unity, and apply these principles in their own artwork.


Children will learn how to arrange elements in their mosaics and collages to create a cohesive composition.

Creating mosaics and collages:

Children will have the opportunity to create their own mosaics and collages using the techniques and principles they have learned. They can work on individual projects or collaborate with their classmates to create larger works.

Throughout the activity, children should be encouraged to express their creativity and individuality in their artwork. The instructor should provide guidance and support but allow children the freedom to experiment and explore their own artistic ideas.

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