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Ages 5 - 12



Developmental Activation: curiosity, confidence, self-expression

In this activity, children are encouraged to leave perfectionism and intense visual accuracy at the door. The instructor will discuss form, shape, color, and lines to teach children about the visual language of composition. Expectations for what is “right” in art will be shifted while joy and spontaneity abound!

Each ABSTRACT MODERN activity will include elements of the following:


Children will learn about the history of abstract art and its main characteristics, such as the use of non-representational forms and the emphasis on color, shape, and texture.

Color Theory:

Children will learn about the basics of color theory and how it is used in abstract art to create mood and convey emotion. They will experiment with different color combinations and learn how to use color to create abstract art pieces.


Children will learn about the principles of composition, such as balance, contrast, and movement, and how they can be applied to abstract art. They will experiment with different composition techniques and create their own abstract art compositions.

Mediums and Techniques:

Children will learn about the various mediums and techniques used in abstract art, such as painting, drawing, collage, and mixed media. They will experiment with these mediums and techniques to create their own abstract art pieces.

Famous Abstract Artists:

Children will learn about famous abstract artists, such as Jackson Pollock, Piet Mondrian, and Kazimir Malevich, and their unique styles and techniques. They will also have the opportunity to create their own abstract art inspired by these artists.

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