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Alternatives to Daycare in Hoboken That Your Child will Love

Daycare keeps our children safe when we’re at work and introduces them to numbers, alphabets, etc. through their daily activities. While daycare is a popular option for children, there are better alternatives that can provide what daycares are already offering and supplement them with other fun activities. Most of them allow children to explore their interests and learn how to express themselves at a young age.

Here are our favorite alternatives to daycare in Hoboken.

a baby drawing a penguin

PLAYDAY is a program committed to developing and nurturing children’s creative abilities, giving them long-term cognitive and emotional skills to set them up for a successful future.

You can enroll your child in programs including animation, modern abstract art, cartooning, bookmarks, color explosion, drawing and painting, mixed media, printmaking, and sculpturing.

All their art and creative activities are provided in a respectful, inclusive, and positive studio setup. The programs offer convenient scheduling to ensure parents can enroll their children depending on their needs.

children in a dance class

This school has classes for all ages to ensure every child is engaged in activities they can handle. If your child is between six and 15 months old, you can enroll them in the infant/nursery program, Wiggly Worms. Every caregiver caters to four children at a time to ensure every child gets enough attention. The staff provides a great environment that’s safe and well-equipped to foster development. Children engage in creative activities such as art, music, and storytelling to expand their minds.

They also have a STEM program for children between five and 13 years old and a preschool age group for children between three and four years old. Children in these groups can also enroll in the creativity and enrichment program for diversity. Classes in this program include coding, engineering, math, dance, Spanish art, and sports.

child talking to adult as a way to learn how to communicate

The Smart Start Academy has many programs to keep your child busy regardless of their age. All their staff members are trained educators, so they understand the needs and wants of children.

Every month, they have a different theme for toddlers to help them learn how to communicate their needs and enhance their sensory awareness, peer interaction, and self-expression. These themes are based on different areas that improve a child’s self-awareness.

Under their infant care program, children are taught baby sign language; they believe that the earlier they learn how to communicate, the easier their life will be. Baby sign language is also beneficial for children suffering from delayed speech. Children also engage in dancing and music, among other fun activities.

children doing Jiu-Jitsu

This program differs from our other recommendations because it’s tailored for Jiu-Jitsu. The program is a good choice for children who enjoy activities like martial arts.

Besides having fun, this activity teaches children self-discipline, goal-setting, focus, self-defense, fitness, and confidence. If your toddler is shy and you’re looking for a program that might open them up a bit and improve their socialization skills, this program is worth a shot.

children in an aerobics class

This is another great option for children of all ages. Some of the available programs include angel fish, dolphins, guppies, seahorses, starfish, and Little Me Concierge. All these categories are based on a child’s age.

The program offers fun classes such as gymnastics, stretching, games, and aerobics. They also have a music class that combines music and recorded music of different genres where children play instruments designed for their tiny hands and fingers.

baby molding clay

At Lightbridge Academy, every interaction is designed to enrich a child in all aspects. They aim to balance nurturing care with a comfortable learning area to foster a child’s growth and development.

They also offer a backup care program that temporarily takes care of a child if you need impromptu child care services. Depending on your needs, you can sign your child up for a day or a week.

Their curriculums support a child’s language, movement, fine motor, and cognitive skills.

children doing gymnastics

Kid City has a vibrant culture, and they pride themselves on providing a safe space for children to grow and nurture their interests. They believe every child is different and can be successful given the right tools and environment. To ensure all children get enough attention, all their group classes have very few students.

Kid City ensures all children reach and exceed their goals and expectations through their fun activities. Some enrichment programs include dance, music, yoga, gymnastics, and monthly cooking classes.

Daycare vs. alternative daycare in Hoboken

Daycare and nanny services are always available, but if you’re looking for better alternative programs to enrich your child, consider checking these recommended options.

These programs nurture your child in all aspects by allowing them to explore their interests. They also get to learn different ways to express themselves and communicate by connecting with other children during play.

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