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5 Exciting Afterschool Activities for Your Child in NYC

The pandemic certainly slowed everything down, from going to school to fun, outdoor activities with our kids. Although there are still some concerns and precautions that need to be taken, we can finally play social catchup and allow our children to enjoy fun activities with friends.

If you live in NYC, then luck is on your side because there are many afterschool activities for your child to enjoy in the area. In this blog post, we’ll cover all the answers to the question, “What activities can my child do afterschool in NYC?”

Ready? Let’s dive in.

PLAYDAY is a great choice for parents who are trying to juggle parenting with work. Not only do they offer various art-focused activities for your child to enjoy, but they will also pick them up and bring them to the studio for you. Afterschool activities take from every weekday from 3-6 pm, which is just enough time to cover the gap between work and pickup.

PLAYDAY afterschool activities include painting, printing, cartooning, fiber art, and architectural design, just to mention a few.

Their afterschool programming helps kids engage in fun activities, all while teaching life skills, like patience, sharing, and problem solving. Every class is taught by friendly, experienced artists, so you know your child is in excellent hands.

PLAYDAY afterschool art activities include watercolors and other fun programs for kids.

NYC Department of Parks and Recreation offers fun (and free) afterschool activities that your kid can enjoy. Their programming doesn’t require any booking, so you can take your kid any chance you get.

Some of the activities they offer include arts and cultural programming, academic enrichment, team-building activities, and supervised media education. One of my favorite things about the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation is that they’ve tailored their afterschool activities to be inclusive of all kids. For example, they have a wheelchair flag football league for kids with disabilities.

Since all the activities the park offers are on a first-come, first-served basis, it’s important to check their website to see the best time to visit.

NYC Department of Parks & Recreation offers afterschool activities for kids like sports.

There are many afterschool activities that kids over two years of age can enjoy at the American Museum of Natural History — some are for fun and others are educational. T.

Through the Early Adventures Program, kids work with experienced science educators and museum scientists to explore their natural curiosity about the world. The educators provide stimulating environments, including scientific tools, live animal habitats, artifacts, specimens, and a children’s science library to enhance learning.

If you want an afterschool activity that will encourage bonding between you and your kid, you’ll love this program because it allows caregivers to attend, too. The classes are held weekly throughout the school year.

Two girls learning science at the Early Adventures Program at the American Museum of Natural History

If your little one finds kitchen activities fascinating, you can enroll them in the Dynamite Shop cooking program. While they’re located in South Brooklyn, they offer both on-site and online classes.

In this program, professional chefs encourage kids to be creative in the kitchen, teach them new skills and encourage kids to develop a positive relationship with food. Each virtual class is limited to a small group and has two instructors to ensure every student gets attention.

Classes are available for kids seven years and older, and siblings or parents are welcome to join as well.

Mom and son practice cooking skills via Dynamite Schools cooking class

Do you have a future athlete on your hands? If so, the Asphalt Green Program is the best option for them. The program takes place on the Upper East Side in Battery Park City.

Certified professionals conduct all activities to ensure your kid is safe and learning. During the program, kids learn about perseverance, confidence, and teamwork.

Some ‌sports your kids can get involved in include baseball, martial arts, football, soccer, and tennis. The classes are open for kids from 3 to 12 years old.

Martial arts participants at the Asphalt Kids afterschool program

There’s an afterschool activity for every child.

School teaches our kids many things, but not all kids are given a chance to nurture their interests. Afterschool activities keep children busy, allow them space to explore their talents, and help them find out who they really are. These activities are great for allowing your child to thrive in their optimal environment.

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