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20 Parents' Day Craft Ideas for Kids

On the fourth Sunday of July, families across America celebrate the people who make us who we are: parents.

Show your parents you appreciate everything they do for you with these easy Parents’ Day crafts.

1. Tie-Dye Bookmark

Multicolored tie-dye bookmark with a decorative gold button tied on a blue cording.

This adorable tie-dye bookmark by Happy Hooligans is a fun craft and a useful gift for Parents’ Day.

To make a tie-dye bookmark, you’ll need:

  • A plastic vinegar jug, milk jug, or juice jug

  • Colored fine-tip permanent markers

  • 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol

  • Spray varnish

  • A medicine dropper or pipette

  • Ribbon, twine or cording,

  • Buttons or decorative beads

  • Scissors

  • A hole punch

How To Make A Tie-Dye Bookmark

  1. Fill the jug with hot water. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then peel off the label.

  2. Draw a long rectangle on the side of the jug. Cut it out using a pair of kitchen shears.

  3. Color the bookmark with permanent markers.

  4. Fill a dropper or pipette with rubbing alcohol and place small drops of rubbing alcohol onto your bookmark.

  5. Let your bookmark dry completely.

  6. Spray your bookmark lightly and quickly with spray varnish to set the colors. Set the bookmark aside to dry.

  7. After the bookmark has dried, punch a hole in the top of it. Thread a ribbon or piece of twine through the hole, and embellish the bookmark with buttons or decorative beads.

2. Photo Coaster

Photo coasters by Juggling With Kids.

This craft by Juggling With Kids uses repurposed photos to create keepsake coasters.

To make a photo coaster, you’ll need:

  • Photos

  • Tiles

  • Construction paper

  • Modge Podge Gloss-Lustre

  • Modge Podge clear acrylic sealer,

  • A sponge brush

  • Newspaper

  • Felt

  • A paper trimmer or an X-Acto knife

  • Scissors.

How To Make A Photo Coaster

  1. Cut out a three-and-a-half-inch by three-and-a-half-inch square out of construction paper.

  2. Place the square on the photo section you want to include on the coaster.

  3. Lightly trace the outline of the square onto the photo.

  4. Use an X-Acto knife or paper trimmer to cut the photos to size.

  5. Apply a thin layer of the Modge Podge Gloss-Lustre to a tile.

  6. Place your photo in the center of the tile.

  7. Apply a layer of Modge Podge Gloss-Lustre painting up and down across the tile.

  8. Set the tile aside to dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

  9. Apply a second coat of Mod Podge from left to right. Set the tile aside to dry for another 10 to 15 minutes.

  10. Take your coaster outside and place it on a piece of newspaper.

  11. Spray the coaster with a thin layer of the Modge Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer. Let it dry for about 15 minutes, then apply a second coat.

  12. Leave the coaster to dry for at least two hours.

  13. Cut out a four-inch by four-inch square piece of felt.

  14. Apply a layer of Modge Podge Gloss-Lustre to the bottom of the tile.

  15. Attach the felt to the tile.

A neck pillow made from a blue and red striped sock.

This aromatherapy neck pillow by A Mom's Take is a simple craft that kids can make with a bit of help from a grown-up. To make an aromatherapy neck pillow, you’ll need:

  • A sock

  • A bag of unseasoned rice

  • A sewing needle

  • Thread

  • Lavender oil

How To Make An Aromatherapy Neck Pillow

  1. Fill a sock two-thirds full with dry rice.

  2. Drop 10 to 15 drops of lavender oil into the rice.

  3. Sew the end of the sock shut with a thread that is the same color as the sock.

  4. Warm the neck pillow in the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds.

4. Beaded Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Pipe cleaner flowers in a glass container. The flower petals are made of blue, purple, and pink beads. The centers of the flowers are made of yellow pipe cleaners.

These beautiful beaded pipe cleaner flowers by One Little Project are a simple gift that kids of all ages will love. To make beaded pipe cleaner flowers, you’ll need:

  • A 12-inch green pipe cleaner

  • A six-inch yellow pipe cleaner

  • Five six-inch pipe cleaners that are the same color

  • Plastic pony beads

  • White glue.

How To Make Beaded Pipe Cleaner Flowers

  1. Thread the pony beads onto the purple pipe cleaners.

  2. Twist together the ends of each pipe cleaner to make five teardrop-shaped petals.

  3. Lay the end of one of the petals on the 12-inch green pipe cleaner. Leave about one-and-a-half inches of green pipe cleaner empty at the end.

  4. Twist the end of the petal around the green pipe cleaner.

  5. Place a second petal next to the first petal. Twist the end of the petal around the green pipe cleaner to hold it in place.

  6. Continue twisting the end of each petal around the green pipe cleaner until all five petals are attached.

  7. Twist the short end of the green pipe cleaner over the long end. Try to tighten it enough that the green pipe cleaner doesn’t show in the middle of the flower.

  8. Bend the petals into position to make a flower shape.

  9. Roll the yellow pipe cleaner into a tight spiral.

  10. Glue the yellow pipe cleaner to the middle of the flower.

  11. Insert the green pipe cleaner into a green drinking straw.

5. Handprint Suncatcher

A gold suncatcher with a multicolored handprint in the center.

This handprint suncatcher by Homegrown Friends is a sweet, adorable craft that parents can hang in their home or office window.

To make a handprint suncatcher, you’ll need:

  • Two cups of flour

  • A cup of salt

  • A cup of water

  • Transparent pony beads

  • Parchment paper

  • A cookie tray

  • String or wire

  • Glitter

  • Glue

How To Make A Handprint Suncatcher

  1. Mix the flour, salt, and water to make salt dough.

  2. Divide the dough into three parts and roll one piece of the dough in a flat, even layer.

  3. Spread your fingers on one hand and press your hand into the dough. Be sure to press down hard enough to make an imprint.

  4. Use a knife to cut out the handprint. Then, remove the cut portion from the dough.

  5. Cut out a circle around the handprint shape, then carefully cut a small hole at the top of the suncatcher.

  6. Cover a cookie tray with parchment paper. Then, carefully transfer the handprint to the cookie sheet.

  7. Fill the handprint shape with transparent pony beads. Then, cover the suncatcher with a piece of tinfoil.

  8. Bake the suncatcher in the oven at 375°F for one-and-a-half to two hours or until the beads have melted.

  9. Let the suncatcher cool completely, then spread glue on the salt dough using a paintbrush. Do not spread glue on the handprint.

  10. Sprinkle the suncatcher with glitter. Shake off the excess glitter and set the suncatcher aside to dry.

  11. Thread a ribbon or fishing wire through the hole at the top of the suncatcher.

  12. Hang the suncatcher.

A picture frame on a wooden table next to a green plant. The words "Daddy" and "Daughter are written along the top and left side of the frame in Scrabble letters. The picture frame contains a photo of a man in glasses kissing a baby.

This Scrabble picture frame by Practically Functional is a quick craft that dads will love.

To make a Scrabble picture frame, you’ll need:

  • A hot glue gun

  • A picture frame

  • Wooden Scrabble tiles

  • Spray paint

How To Make A Scrabble Picture Frame

  1. Remove the backing and glass from your picture frame. Next, spray a light coat of paint onto the picture frame and set it aside to dry for half an hour.

  2. Once the paint is dry, add a dab of hot glue to the back of your letter tiles and attach them to your picture frame. Write the word “Daddy” across the top of the frame and “Daughter” down the side.

  3. Once you have all the letters on the picture frame, put the frame back together with a photo inside.

A bouquet of pink and red roses made of tissue paper laying on blue and pink fabric.

These beautiful tissue paper roses by Happy Hooligans are a simple craft kids can make themselves.

To make tissue paper roses, you’ll need:

  • Red tissue paper

  • Pink tissue paper

  • A wooden chopstick

  • Green paint

  • A paintbrush

  • Glue

  • Clear tape

How To Make Tissue Paper Roses

  1. Paint your chopstick green, and set it aside to dry.

  2. Cut the tissue paper into an 11-inch by four-inch rectangle, then cut the rectangle lengthwise into two strips.

  3. Make a quarter-inch fold along the long side of one of the strips and glue it in place. Then, fold the folded edge to create a double fold along the long edge. This fold will provide structure to your rose petals.

  4. Repeat Step Three with the other strip of tissue paper.

  5. Wrap the short end of one of your tissue paper strips around the narrow end of the chopstick and pinch it to keep it in place.

  6. Gently twist the chopstick with one hand to wind the tissue paper around the chopstick.

  7. Guide the tissue paper as it winds around the chopstick. Pinch the tissue paper loosely at the base of the rosebud to keep things aligned.

  8. When you reach the strip's end, pin the second strip onto the first and continue to wind the tissue paper around the chopstick.

  9. When you reach the end of the second strip of tissue paper, pinch both strips tightly at the base of the rose. Then, secure the tissue paper to the chopstick stem with clear tape.

  10. Use a few drops of glue to secure the loose end of the tissue paper to the rose if needed.

Five glass ornaments filled with flowers hanging against a grassy background.

These flower drop garden ornaments by Happy Hooligans are a beautiful outdoor decoration for parents who love to garden.

To make flower drop garden ornaments, you’ll need:

  • Clear, plastic ornaments with removable lids

  • Colorful pony beads

  • Aquarium stones

  • Artificial flowers

  • Fishing line.

How To Make Flower Drop Garden Ornaments

  1. Remove the ornament’s lid, and drop in a handful of beads or stones.

  2. Push flowers through the opening, and shake the ornament until you’re happy with the arrangement of the flowers and stones.

  3. Put the lid back on the ornament and loop the fishing line through the wire hanger.

Two hands holding out a large blue shimmery rock and a smaller shimmery blue, pink, and purple striped rock.

These crystallized beach rocks by Happy Hooligans make a simple keepsake that parents will love and kids will love to make.

To make crystallized beach rocks, you’ll need:

  • Smooth beach rocks

  • Borax

  • Hot water

  • Jars or plastic containers

  • A spoon

  • Liquid watercolors

  • Medicine droppers or small paintbrushes

How To Make Crystallized Beach Rocks

  1. Fill a jar with three cups of hot tap water. Then add nine tablespoons of borax. Stir the mixture until the borax dissolves completely.

  2. Use a spoon to lower a rock into the mixture of borax and water.

  3. Leave the rock in the borax solution overnight. Crystals will form on the rock and the bottom of the jar.

  4. Use a spoon to pry the rock from the jar gently. Remove the rock from the bottom of the jar slowly to prevent crystals from chipping off the stone.

  5. Place the stone on a paper towel to dry.

  6. Pour a few drops of liquid watercolors into an ice cube tray. Dilute each color with a few drops of water.

  7. Use droppers and paintbrushes to drip or brush the color onto the rocks.

10. Sunflower Wheel of Appreciation

Sunflower wheel of appreciation craft by 1-800-Flowers.

This sunflower wheel of appreciation craft by 1-800-Flowers is a heartfelt gift that kids can use to show their parents how much they appreciate them. To make a sunflower wheel of appreciation craft, you’ll need brown, orange, and two shades of yellow cardstock, a paper plate, scissors, glue, a fine tip marker, and a paper fastener.

How To Make A Sunflower Wheel of Appreciation

  1. Trace the paper plate onto the piece of cardstock.

  2. Trace a circle shape just a bit smaller than the first shape on a different piece of cardstock.

  3. Use scissors or an X-Acto knife to cut a rectangular shape from the smaller circle.

  4. Place the small circle on the large circle. Write a message onto the large circle in pencil using the cutout in the small circle as a guide.

  5. Rotate the small circle around the center of the large circle. Write another message on the large circle using the cutout as a guide. Repeat until you have written all of your messages of appreciation.

  6. Use a marker to go over the letters. Erase any stray pencil markings.

  7. Cut out several petal shapes from the yellow cardstock in varying sizes.

  8. Apply glue to the wide ends of the petals and stick them around the edge of the larger circle.

  9. Position the small circle in the center of the large circle and attach it to the center with the paper fastener.

11. Footprint Rocket

A blue footprint surrounded by red foam triangles to form the shape of a rocket. There is a yellow foam flame under the toes of the foot. Yellow foam stars decorate the paper.

This simple footprint rocket by The Best Ideas For Kids is an adorable craft that young kids can make for their parents.

To make a footprint rocket, you’ll need:

  • Red cardstock

  • Small red pompoms

  • Non-toxic, acrylic light blue paint

  • Gold glitter foam paper

  • A black permanent marker

  • Glue

How To Make A Footprint Rocket

  1. Put paint on a paper plate. Press your child’s foot into the paint and stamp it on a few pieces of paper.

  2. Cut out a long triangle from red cardstock. Trace the triangle and cut out the second triangle to create the rocket's wings. Next, cut out a smaller triangle for the rocket’s nose.

  3. Glue the triangles onto the paper to create a rocket.

  4. Cut out a flame shape from the glitter foam paper. Glue the flame shape under the toes of the footprint.

  5. Cut star shapes from the gold glitter foam paper. Glue the stars on the paper around the rocket.

  6. Use a permanent marker to write a message such as “I love you to the moon and back” or “You’re out of this world!”

12. Thumbprint Keychain

A circle of clay with two thumbprint imprints in the shape of a heart at the end of a beaded keychain.


This thumbprint keychain by A Hundred Affections is an adorable way for parents to keep their little ones close to their hearts.

To make a thumbprint keychain, you’ll need:

  • Oven-bake clay

  • A cookie sheet

  • Parchment paper

  • A small round cookie cutter

  • Paint

  • A small straw

  • A bobby pin or toothpick

  • A lanyard, sturdy string, or ribbon

  • A key ring

  • Decorative beads or charms

How To Make A Thumbprint Heart Keychain

  1. Preheat your oven to 275°.

  2. Roll out the clay until it is roughly a quarter-inch thick.

  3. Use a round cookie cutter to cut out a small circle of dough. Place the dough on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

  4. Press two thumbprints in the clay to create a heart imprint.

  5. Make a hole at the top of the clay with a small straw, bobby pin, or toothpick.

  6. Bake the dough for 30 minutes.

  7. After the dough cools, paint it.

  8. Once the dough is dry, fold the leather strand, ribbon, or string in half. Insert the strand into the hole in the dough. Loop the loose ends of the strand through the hole to secure the clay keychain.

  9. Join both ends of the strand and thread them through the beads. Once you have your desired amount of beads, make a knot to secure them to the strand.

  10. Knot the strand and loop it around the keyring. Attach a small charm.

A popcorn bucket canvas painting that says "There's No Butter Pop Than You". The popcorn bucket is made of red foam with yellow pompoms on the top of the bucket.

This popcorn bucket canvas painting by Craft Project Ideas is a great funny gift for dads. To make a popcorn bucket canvas painting, you’ll need:

  • A canvas

  • Acrylic paints

  • Yellow pompoms

  • Adhesive craft foam

  • A paintbrush

  • Yellow yarn pompoms

  • Craft glue or hot glue

  • A pencil

  • A ruler

  • Scissors

How To Make A Popcorn Bucket Canvas Painting

  1. Paint the canvas blue.

  2. To make the popcorn box, use a ruler to create a diagonal line from the top-right corner of the adhesive foam sheet to the bottom-right corner, about an inch from the side. Next, draw another line from the top-left corner to the bottom-left corner, about an inch from the side.

  3. Cut the foam sheet along the diagonal lines.

  4. Peel the backing from the foam sheet and attach it to the canvas. Leave a few inches at the bottom of the canvas to write your phrase.

  5. To make the popcorn, glue yellow pompoms to the top of the popcorn box.

  6. Write “There’s No Butter Pop Than You!” on the canvas with a pencil. Make sure the word “POP” is written in the middle of the popcorn box.

  7. Outline your words with acrylic paint.

14 . Turtle Greeting Card

One large and four small turtles with yellow card stock for legs and green coffee filters for shell. The card says, “I Turtley Love You, Mom!”

This turtle greeting card by Coffee, Cups, and Crayons will make any mom smile. To make a turtle greeting card, you’ll need:

  • Two differently-sized green cupcake liners

  • Glue

  • Yellow card stock

  • A marker

How To Make A Turtle Greeting Card

  1. Flatten a cupcake liner for the mom and as many small cupcake liners as needed for the children. Fold the cupcake liners in half and add a bit of glue to the inside of each liner.

  2. Glue the folded liners onto the card.

  3. Cut out half-circle shapes from the yellow cardstock for the turtles’ heads and feet.

  4. Glue the heads and feet into place on the turtle shells.

  5. Write “I Turtley Love You, Mom!” in marker on the card.

A clay handprint-shaped bowl painted pink, blue, and purple. There is a ring in the bowl.

This clay handprint bowl by Messy Little Monster makes an excellent dish for jewelry and keys. To make a clay handprint bowl, you’ll need:

  • White air-dry clay

  • A small bowl

  • A biscuit cutter

  • A cocktail stick

  • Crayola metallic paint.

How To Make A Clay Handprint Bowl

  1. Roll out a ball of air-dry clay until it is about one centimeter thick.

  2. Firmly press your child's hand into the clay to make an imprint.

  3. Use a sharp knife to cut around the handprint carefully. Then, use your fingers to smooth down the edges.

  4. Use a biscuit cutter, fork, cocktail stick, or anything else you can find to make patterns in the clay.

  5. Place the clay handprint into a small bowl and leave it to dry.

  6. After a few days, once your handprint keepsake has dried, paint it with metallic paint.

16. Glass Bead Candle Holder

A glass candle holder covered in blue beads.

This glass bead candle holder by Mom Luck is a simple craft and a beautiful piece of decor for an end table, mantle, or nightstand. To make a glass bead candle holder, you’ll need:

  • Glass beads

  • An oval-shaped glass container

  • A hot glue gun.

How To Make A Glass Bead Candle Holder

  1. Apply a small amount of glue to the back of a glass bead.

  2. Press the bead to the top of the glass container.

  3. Glue beads along the top of the container until you’ve gone around completely.

  4. Glue another line of beads directly under the first line.

  5. Continue to glue glass beads to the container until the glass is completely covered.

17. Upcycled Record Coasters

Two coasters decorated to look like records. One of the coasters says "Father's Day June 22. #1 Dad" the other coaster says "Love U 2 The Moon"

These upcycled record coasters by Craft Project Ideas are a creative gift for parents who love music.

To make upcycled record coasters, you’ll need:

  • Adhesive Craft Foam

  • Acrylic paint

  • A paintbrush

  • A pencil or pen

  • CDs

  • Scissors

How To Make Upcycled Record Coasters

  1. Paint the front of a CD with black paint.

  2. Trace the CD onto the back of the adhesive craft foam. Draw a smaller circle inside the large circle.

  3. Cut out both foam circles. Be careful to keep both circles intact.

  4. Stick the large adhesive circle to the back of the CD. Then, stick the small circle to the middle of the front of the CD.

  5. Paint and decorate each coaster with appreciative phrases.

18. Handprint Painting

A painting of a man made of handprints. The man has brown hair, an orange shirt, blue pants, and a green tie.

This handprint painting by Easy Peasy And Fun can be customized to create a portrait of mom or dad. To make a handprint painting, you’ll need:

  • Paint,

  • A paintbrush

  • A canvas or card

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Cardstock

  • Markers

How To Make A Handprint Painting

  1. Use a paintbrush to paint your palm the desired skin color.

  2. Paint your fingers with the desired hair color. Do not paint your thumbs.

  3. Press your hand on the upper half of the canvas or paper.

  4. Wash your hands thoroughly.

  5. Turn the canvas upside down.

  6. Paint your palm the color of your handprint person’s shirt. Also, paint your thumb and pinky finger, but don’t paint the tips.

  7. Paint the tips of your thumb and pinky your handprint person’s skin color. Next, paint your other three fingers the color of your handprint person’s pants.

  8. Press your hand on your handprint person.

  9. If you want to add a tie or other accessories, cut them out of cardstock. Draw details on the accessories with a marker.

  10. Glue the accessories to your handprint person.

  11. Draw eyes, a mouth, and a nose on your handprint person.

19. "Following in My Daddy's Shoes" Painting

A painting of an orange footprint on a brown boot print. The painting says, "Following in My Daddy's Shoes."

This “Following in My Daddy’s Shoes” painting by Crafty Morning is an adorable gift and keepsake for parents. To make a “Following in My Daddy’s Shoes” painting, you’ll need:

  • Orange paint

  • Brown paint

  • Daddy’s shoe

  • A paintbrush

  • White cardstock paper

How To Make A “Following in My Daddy’s Shoes” Painting

  1. Paint daddy’s shoe with brown paint.

  2. Stamp the shoe on the piece of white cardstock paper.

  3. Paint your child’s foot with orange paint and stamp it inside the middle of the boot print.

  4. Write "Following in my Daddy's Shoes" on the cardstock paper and draw a heart.

Colorful flowers painted onto black paper with green card stock leaves and a paper cup flower pot.

This Q-Tip flower art by Artsy Craftsy Mom is a beautiful craft that older kids can make for their parents. To make Q-Tip flower art, you’ll need:

  • Q-tips

  • Black chart paper

  • Two shades of green cardstock paper

  • Small pieces of multicolored tissue paper

  • A paper cup cut in half vertically

  • Poster paints

  • Scissors

  • Glue.

How To Make Q-Tip Flower Art

  1. Cut leaves out of the green cardstock paper.

  2. Crumple each piece of tissue paper into a ball.

  3. Make a vase by gluing the paper cup to the bottom of the black paper.

  4. Paint long curved lines coming from the paper cup using green poster paint. These are the stems and branches.

  5. Glue a tissue paper ball at the end of each stem and branch.

  6. Apply paint to a Q-Tip and paint small dots in a circular pattern radiating from each tissue paper ball.

  7. Glue the leaves to paper on with side of the stems.

  8. Write a Parents’ Day message under the vase.

Celebrate your parents with these Parents’ Day crafts that are as unique as they are.

Every parent is unique. Show your parents how much you appreciate them for who they are by making them a personalized craft for Parents’ Day.

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