PLAY is a creative activity which permits freedom of action, diversion from routines, and an imaginary world to master.  PLAY has unique power for building body and mind control as well as interpersonal relations.  PLAY provides a base for language learning, investigation, and creative problem solving.  

At PLAYDAY, we encourage our children to PLAY and explore creativity, we encourage them to master themselves, their bodies,  and a variety of tools and techniques. We give them many ways to express themselves. As parents and teachers, we can offer an environment where it is safe to experiment and create, where questions are encouraged and children have free access to the materials they need and enjoy. We do this not to produce career artists but to raise children who are confident and comfortable with their creativity in whatever form in takes.


All PLAYDAY participants agree to abide by our basic principles:


​Respect, Learn, Have Fun, Be Awesome, Be Successful,

Be Patient, Forgive, Be Honest, Be Creative