I graduated from Music School after Sayat-Nova (piano) and throughout my education I fell in love with second instrument - the accordion, which expanded my music knowledge. I strongly believe that all children have musical potential, and truly enjoy revealing the little ones’ music capabilities, developing their music skills and sensitivity. I have Master’s degree in Journalism, which gave me good communications skills. Being around children, educating and entertaining them is my passion. In my opinion, teaching young beginners is the most creative area. It’s not only about mastering technical skills but loving and feeling the music. And this foundation should be laid at early age.

My teaching style is interactive and dynamic. It is based on music and movement education (traditional and innovative streams) for beginners through introduction to piano, music literacy, songs, rhythmical activities, ear training and improvisation. I incorporate theatrical play (Mime, Musical Theatre) into my lessons. This way children don’t get tired or lose concentration. I employ a personal approach to each student, and modify it based on student's individuality.

In closing, my goal is to nurture children’s music comprehension skills with fun and therefore I constantly advance my technique (through classes and workshops with reputable professors/tutors) to deliver good results in joyful atmosphere.