Eileen has always had a love for cooking ever since she was little, helping out in the kitchen with her family. She was always the taste tester of the family. She graduated from law school but then decided that was not her passion. She decided to go to French Culinary Institute, now called, International Culinary Center, in downtown NYC and graduated in 2008. After graduation, Eileen has cooked in some of the best NYC restaurants and private schools; taught private cooking lessons, and cooked exclusively for families. She has also catered weddings, parties, and other special events.


She currently works at a charter high school, trying to change the food culture with providing healthier choices and alternatives to fast food. Her goal is to try to make an impact with the way that children eat and the way that they make their own food choices.


Eileen loves food and understands the importance of food in different cultures, families and in one own's identity. She loves Korean and Italian food and also loves to bake.