Celebrate your upcoming special event with a creative party. PLAYDAY offers custom designed birthday parties for children turning two and older.


PLAYDAY staff will provide a creative, imaginative and dynamic experience for your special event.  The party experience lasts

120 minutes. After all guests have arrived a 60 minute customized art experience will begin.  Children will then create, sculpt, build, paint and decorate a unique artwork that eventually will be taken home as a party favor. You can choose from many different projects depending upon age levels and interests. Food, Cake, Juice, and utensils (provided by you), will be distributed for all to enjoy in singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our special guest of honor.  The final portion of the party is a super fun free creative play.  


Any and all food delivery will be accepted.  PLAYDAY can provide catering, utensils, plates, cups, balloons, decorative napkins, juice, cake, departing goodie bags, additional entertainers, professional photography, flowers, and additional time for an additional fee.  Access to a refrigerator will be provided if necessary.

PLAYDAY offers many different themes for the creative portion of the party.  Choose from any of these creative experiences or we can customize projects based on any special interests.  

Mask Making / Monster Drawings / Super Heroes / Printmaking
Mural Painting / SLIME Fun / Clay Sculptures / Origami
Finger Painting / Collage / Robot Design / Architecture

Fashion / Cooking / Weaving / Mystery Theme


Use of Entire Space / 2 Hours Standard / 3 Instructors Standard / All Utencils / All Clean UP / Art Supplies / Water 

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All participants to receive a FREE PLAYDAY CLASS TICKET distributed in your departing goodie bags. 


Custom designed goodie bags by DYLAN'S CANDY BAR can be provided for an additional fee.