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Ages 5 - 12

Stencil Stories

Tell a Story With Stencils!

Developmental Activation: interdisciplinary learning, self-expression, emotional intelligence

Stencil Stories is the perfect tie between storytelling and ART. Children will learn how to create with stencils, paint, and markers to represent a narrative, feeling, or an idea. In this activity, children may collaborate to make a mural, illustrate their own book, design their own comic, create an animal stencil zoo, and so much more. These experiences take inspiration from street art, Banksy, comics, and children’s books. While the specific project may vary, the importance of telling a story or communicating a feeling shines through.

Each STENCIL STORIES activity will include elements of the following:

Introduction to stencils:
Children will learn what stencils are and how to use them to create shapes and images.

Storytelling basics:
Children will learn the basic elements of a story, such as character, setting, and plot.

Using stencils to create characters:
Children will learn how to use stencils to create and draw their own characters for their stories.

Creating a setting:
Children will learn how to use stencils to create a visual representation of the setting for their story.

Developing a plot:
Children will learn how to use stencils to create illustrations and scenes that help to tell their story.

Sharing stories:
Children will have the opportunity to share their completed stories and receive feedback from their peers.

Throughout the course, children will have the opportunity to practice using stencils and storytelling skills through various activities and exercises. By the end of the activity, children will have created their own unique stencil stories and will have developed their creativity and storytelling skills.

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